Class II Biosafety Cabinets - Labor İldam

Cabins with user, product and environmental protection are called Class II biosafety cabinets.

Designed according to Class II European standard EN12469, Biosafety Cabinets have been certified by TÜV.

Available in sizes 90, 120, 150 cm and 180 cm wide. The transport stand can be configured with gas - vacuum - air taps, electrical sockets, particle counters and chimney connections.

Class II cabins are divided into three;

Class II A2; It has two hepa filters and one pre-filter. These are cabinets with Re circulation rate of 70% and exhaust air rate of 30%.

Class II cytotoxic; There are three Hepa filters and 1 pre-filter. They are recommended cabinets for cytotoxic studies. These are cabins with a recirculation rate of 70% and an exhaust air rate of 30%.

There is no air recirculation in Class II B2 (total exhaust) cabins and 100% of the air is discharged.