Blood Bank Refrigerators - Labor İldam

Blood storage cabinets are cabinets designed for blood bank centers and hospitals.

There are special rack systems where blood bags can be placed in order to store the blood of different groups taken from the donor and to be used when needed.

Blood storage cabinets are different from medical type or kit storage cabinets. It is essential that the blood provides a temperature of +4 C to be stored and that it provides stability with a minimum deviation from this temperature. In the blood storage cabinets we offer in our product groups, there are bottles containing glycerin with the same density as blood, and the temperature measurements taken from these bottles confirm that the blood in the refrigerator is stored at the correct temperature.

These cabinets can be followed with systems that can be selected optionally.

You can find cabinets with different volumes from 100 liters to 1400 liters and with different technological features in our products.