-86°C Ultra Deep Freezers - Labor İldam

-86C deep freezers are used in the long-term storage and storage of biological materials, as well as in the cold resistance tests of some materials.

General usage areas;

• Temperature sensitive samples such as therapeutics and biological samples.

• Samples that need to maintain viability, such as stem cells, processed tissue, organs, vaccines, hybridomas, cancer cells or fibroblasts.

• Longitudinal study examples.

• Important medical research examples.

• Valuable pharmaceutical products.

• Clinical trial samples.

Pathogenic samples in high security laboratories

-86C deep frozen Can be found in volumes from 80 liters to 900 liters

They can be used as horizontal or vertical type.

-86C deep freezers have different options according to energy consumption and operating technologies of the compressors.

               Standard and eco series according to energy consumption,

               Cascade and independent compressor operation according to operating technology.

In the cascade system, compressors work together to cool. There are high and low level compressors.

In independent compressor operation, both compressors in the device are equivalent and in case of failure of one of them, the device can cool down to -70C with a single compressor.