Animal Cage Bottle Washing Systems - Labor İldam

The automatic devices needed for washing the cages and drinkers, which are the living spaces of the animals, in the experimental animal units and laboratories are cage and bottle washing machines.

Thanks to these devices, the final rinse water reaches up to 85C and effective sanitation process is realized.

Washing machines have an internal area to store detergent, thus avoiding the crowd of hoses and detergent bins in the environment. These devices with automatic dosing unit can be equipped with an additional dosing unit and can be configured as double doors for separation of dirty and clean areas.

Bottle washing baskets, cage and bottle transport trolleys are provided with the devices.

Automatic bottle emptying, washing and filling stations are available for drinkers used in experimental animal units.

In addition, in these units, you can examine the programmable clean litter filling and dirty litter evacuation systems for the litter mats of the cages in our product groups.