Sterilization Devices / Autoclave - Labor İldam

Autoclaves and dry air sterilizers are used for the sterilization of laboratory equipment.

Each laboratory chooses the appropriate autoclave for its needs.

Vertical type autoclaves are available in the range of 20 - 125 liters and are available in our product groups with screw or electromechanical covers. Drying model options are also available for autoclaves in this range. Thus, the materials coming out of the autoclave can be used directly without the need for a drying device.

Autoclaves that are horizontal and have a higher volume are called steam sterilizers. These steam sterilizers, which have a wide usage volume from 110 liters to 920 liters, can be selected as double-door or single-door, hinged or sliding, depending on the usage requirement.

Double-door autoclaves used in BSL-3 laboratories are equipped with BioSeal to seal between dirty and clean areas. These autoclaves have full-capacity touchscreen control panels on both sides. Autoclaves designed for BSL-3 are also capable of automatically decontaminating itself between two cycles.