Haier Biomedical: Intelligent Transport Coolers

Haier Biomedical: Intelligent Transport Coolers

Haier Biomedical: Intelligent Transport Coolers delivered to the US to aid the Anti-epidemic, Empowering Vaccine Logistics with Technology

During the critical period of winter epidemic prevention and control, global vaccine research and development have also made significant progress. The successful approval of Pfizer s vaccine and then the vaccine rolling out across several countries has brought a new dawn to this year-long fight against the COVID-19 epidemic. However, in addition to the effectiveness of vaccines, large-scale vaccination also faces many challenges in production, transportation, storage and vaccination. At the same time, Pfizer s vaccine  -70  strict transportation and storage conditions create a higher demand for the safety and efficiency of cold chain logistics.

Due to the surge in demand, all states, cities and hospitals in the United States are scrambling to purchase vaccine cold chain equipment to cope with the need for large quantities of vaccine transportation and storage. Just last Friday, nearly one hundred Haier Biomedical Intelligent Control Cold Chain Transport Coolers were successfully sent to the United States to help with local anti-epidemic work.

In this tense situation, since the order was confirmed, the Haier Biomedical team worked together to implement the Rendanheyi spirit, timely adjusted countermeasures, connected all production links, and strictly controlled quality while improving efficiency. It took only four days to complete all the work from order confirmation to loading and shipping. Finally the products were approved and shipped to the United States by airfreight.

Solving the Problem of -70 Transportation, Escorting Vaccine Logistics through Technology

By combining the core technology of low-temperature cold chain with the Internet of Things (IoT), the Haier Biomedical Intelligent Control Cold Chain Transport Cooler effectively solves the problems of inadequate temperature control and any delayed information traceability when the coronavirus vaccine is transported in the cold chain, improving the overall vaccine logistics service level.

During the transportation process, the Intelligent Control Cold Chain Transport Cooler is not only easy to carry, which ensures the centralized and rapid transfer of a large number of vaccines and improves the efficiency of vaccination but also achieves ultra-long temperature control to cope with the changing transportation environment. At the same time, the intelligent IoT management function makes it feasible to check the heat preservation status at any time, guaranteeing a stable cold chain environment at -70℃, and ensures the quality of vaccine efficacy.

Haier Biomedical is the World s leading biomedical cryogenic cold chain manufacturer covering the full temperature range of -196°C to +8°C. Contact the Haier Biomedical team for your complete cold chain needs, from vaccine transportation, preservation, management to inoculation, partnering with Haier Biomedical ensures you are Safeguarding the vaccines from manufacturer to the vaccinated by securing the safety and reliability of vaccines for millions of people.

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