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Fluorescence CD34 Counter
ADAMⅡ is a bench top fluorescent CD34 counter that can be used in hematopoietic stem cell transplant for stem cell therapy.

Key Features & Benefits
• 15 minutes for counting CD34
• Easy to use
• Accurate and reliable result
• channel (Bright, PerCP, PE, FITC)
• State-of-the-arts optics and image analysis software

Product name / Cat. No.



High-sensitivity monochrome CCD


Bright, Yellow (PE), Red (PerCP) and Green (FITC)


19.3 kg

Size (LxWxH)

300 x 420 x 370 mm


Olympus lens (10X) / 35tube lens


HPC-A, Mobilized PB, Control




PerCP: BLP01-635R (650 long pass)

PE: Excitation 525/50, Emission 572/28-25

FITC: Excitation 466/40, Emission 550/50

Total frame / Total Volume

136 frame / 7.854 uL

Reading range / Chamber Volume

28 x 8 x 0.1 mm / 25 uL


Automated X-Y-Z stage

        • ADAM II, Fluorescence CD34 Counter

          • ADAM II is a bench top fluorescent CD34 counter that can be used in hematopoietic stem cell transplant for stem cell therapy.

          Revolutionary new way to count CD34!

            • ADAM II is an image-based fluorescence cell counter, which captures and analyzes multiple images. It has 4-channel (Bright, Yellow (PE), Red (PerCP) and Gre
            • en (FITC)) light sources.
          • Following specimens can be analyzed: normal and mobilized peripheral blood (PB/MPB), as well as fresh hematopoietic progenitor cell-apheresis (HPC-A) collection.
          • ADAM II measures the percentage of viable CD34 positive cells from total leukocytes and absolute number of CD34 positive cells (cells/μL).

          Simple and easy to use

          • Add the sample and reagent to an empty tube, then add the lysis buffer.
          • Load the stained sample onto the slide and insert into the ADAM II instrument to get the result.
          • Up to 7 results will be generated and displayed : (1) Total CD45 (cells/μL) (2) Viable CD45 cells/μL (3) Total CD34 (%, cells/μL) (4) Viable CD34 (%, cells/μL) (5) Viable CD34 of Viable CD45 (%) (6) CD45 Viability (%) (7) CD34 Viability (%).
          • ADAM II provides an accurate and precise results with rapid turnaround and minimal hands-on time by the operator.
          • The high degree of precision of the system is due in part to the simplifying sample preparation steps and eliminating washing and reconstituting steps, which may cause cell loss and human error.
          • In addition, results are reported using the test specific software, limiting interpretation steps by the user.

          Substantially equivalent to flow cytometry

          • Mobilized PB and PBSC samples were used to compare with ADAM II and flow cytometry.
          Refer to the comparison data, linear regression analysis revealed a close correlation between the data for the absolute number of CD34+ and its cell fractions(%) obtained with the ADAM II and the flow cytometry.


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