Bead Mill Tissue DNA Purification Kit-50 Prep - Labor İldam
• The Omni Bead Mill Tissue DNA Purification Kit contains silica-based spin-capture columns, pre-filled bead beating tubes, and nontoxic reagents. • The optimized reagents are designed specifically for genomic DNA extraction from tissues and cultured cells through bead mill homogenization. • After sample lysis using the Omni pre-filled bead tubes, the DNA is purified through spin-column capture in less than 20 minutes. • Genomic DNA purified using the Omni Tissue DNA Kit is ready for downstream applications such as PCR, southern blots and restriction enzyme digestion. • Pre-filled bead tubes are rigorously tested to be free of nucleases.

• Product Features: • Includes pre-filled bead beating tubes, spin-columns, and nontoxic reagents. • Genomic DNA isolation in <20 minutes after lysis. • No organic extractions. • Suitable for up to 30 mg of tissues or cultured cells. • Includes 2 mL tubes pre-filled with 2.8 mm ceramic beads. • Certification: Pre-filled bead tubes certified RNase & DNase Free. • Ordering Information: Unit includes 50 spin-columns, 50 bead beating tubes prefilled with 2.8 mm ceramic beads, reagents suitable for 50 purifications and instruction guide.

DNA types:Total DNA including genomic and mitochondrial

DNA purity:High quality genomic DNA with A260/A280 > 1.8

DNA yield:Up to 25 ug

Capacity:Capable of DNA extraction from up to 30 mg of tissue or cultured cells

Bead tube material:Reinforced polypropylene

Bead tube volume:2.0 mL

Bead material:2.8 mm ceramic

Equipment required:Microcentrifuge, 1.5 mL microcentrifuge tubes, water bath, heat block, 100% ethanol and isopropanol.