BUDDI™  Rapid Test Analyzer - Labor İldam
Smart rapid diagnostic test analyzer
BUDDI™ is an image analyzer that evaluates the line signal intensities on the test device. This device helps you clarify decision making of unclear test line.

Key Features & Benefits
• Accurate & Fast
• Easy test procedures
• Smart connectivity (EMR/LIS & Wi-Fi)
• Qualitative result
• Compact design

Total Solution for Influenza Diagnostic Test!

The BUDDI™, not only enables possible error in the test result by visual detection to be minimized but also acquired test result is available for data transmission.

Test Items

        Infectious Disease (Influenza A & B, Strep A, RSV)

        Cardiac Disease (H-FABP, Troponin I DUO)

        Asthma (EDN)

        Gastrointestinal infection (Adenovirus, Norovirus, Rotavirus)

Smart connectivity

        With just simple 3 steps operation and wide range of disease markers, the system supports quick decision-making.

        It is expected to increase patients’ satisfaction and a hospital’s profitability by improving effectiveness of testing. 

User friendly interface BUDDI™ offers intuitive & easily accessible GUI.

        Touch screen interface

        Easy date management

        Store over 3,000 tests 

Product name / Cat. No.

BUDDI™ / B10

Dimension (mm)

166 mm X 202 mm X 205 mm (W X L X H)


2 Kg

Electrical rating

100-240V~, 1.7A, 50/60Hz

Electric input

DC 12V, 5A


Up-to 4 hours (Built in battery)

Instrument reading time

20 sec

Operating Condition

Temperature : 15 ~ 30

Patient Test result Storage

3,000 tests


BUDDI™ Hızlı Test Analizörü Broşür