Double Door Autoclaves (Pass-through) - Labor İldam
Double door (Pass-Through) steam sterilization autoclaves for pharmaceutical and research laboratories Double-door autoclaves, offered for the sterilization of glassware and other items used in laboratory activities or life science applications (cages, animal drinkers, etc.), are suitable for facilities of all sizes with their wide usage volumes with options that can be customized according to customer needs. You can meet all your sterilization needs with autoclaves offered in large capacities from 110 liters to 9000 liters. Double door autoclaves designed for use in dirty - clean area transitions can be equipped with options suitable for use in BSL level laboratories. The Bioseal feature, which is a requirement of the laboratories called BSL-3 and BSL-4, and the device s self-decontamination feature are available in the devices.


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