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Live fluorescent cell movie analyzer
JuLI™ FL, is a smart live fluorescent cell movie analyzer. It performs image capturing, time-lapse movie making, and cell counting.

Key Features & Benefits
• Incubator-compatible
• Time-lapse image capturing and movie making
• GFP or RFP expression level checking
• Compact size optimized for a cell culture incubator
• Dual system for data comparison (optional)
• Cell counting function available by JuLI™ Br Cell Counting Module (optional)


AC 100~240V, 50/60 Hz


Scope : 4.5kg, Station 3.2Kg

Objective lens

4 X & digital zoom

Image resolution

1280 X 960 pixels (1.3M)



Data storage

Hard drive (320 GB), USB drive (4 GB)

Operation temperature

5 ~ 40

Maximum relative humidity

20 ~95 %

Counting time

< 10 sec/test

Cell measurement range

1X10E4 ~ 1X10E7 cell/μL

Optimal measurement range

1X10E5 ~ 4X10E6 cell/μL

Cell size range

5 ~ 60 μm

Sample volume

10 μL


Scope 300 (W) X 190(L) X 188 (H) mm
Station 282 (W) X 285 (L) X 160 (H) mm

Data format

JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG (image), AVI (movie), CSV (raw data)

Light source

GFP channel (JULI-FLG04): Blue LED &
RFP channel (JULI-FLG04): Green LED

Optical filter

GFP channel (JULI-FLG04): Excitation 466/40nm, Emission: 525/50nm &
RFP channel (JULI-FLG04): Excitation 525/50 nm, Emission 580LP

Meet JuLI™ FL to meet your needs for live cell imaging

  • JuLI™ FL is able to capture sequential time-lapse images which can be converted to movie files(.avi) automatically.
  • The compact design allows you to install the system in your cell-culture incubator easily.


  • Cell growth monitoring
  • Cell culture quality control
  • Cell migration assay
  • Proliferation assay
  • Cell confluence detection
  • Cell-based assay optimization
  • Cell viability & counting


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