Model 410/ M410 Flame Photometer - Labor İldam
For use in applications examining pharmaceutical and biochemical samples, clinical and biological fluids, industrial processes and environmental testing.

Single channel emission flame photometer for routine determination of Na, K and Ca (Li and Ba also, using accessory filters).
• Digital readout with moveable decimal point
• Automatic air regulation
• Auto-ignition of flame
• Gas cut-off safety feature
• Integral fail-safe flame monitoring
• Recorder output


410 Classic


Minimum concentrations producing a display reading of 100 scale units: Na: 0.5ppm. K: 0.5ppm, Li: 2ppm, Ba: 1000ppm (optional filter), Ca: 5ppm

Detection limits    

Na, K <0.02ppm at 2 x standard deviation


<0.5% to reading from interferent of Na, K, Li equal to the concentration of element under test

Drift %    


Reproducibility    % 


Display channels 

1 (LED)

Result display

Manual estimation

Result storage



Fixed analogue

Dimensions  mm   

390 x 345 x 510

Weight kg


Services required



198-264V 50/60Hz


Moisture and oil free 6 litres/minute at 1kg/cm2


High grade propane, butane or propane/butane mixture. Fuel should be free from heavy hydrocarbon deposits and regulated to 30 p.s.i. at the cylinder. Natural gas at 3inch to 10inch W.G. is also suitable (specifiy correct regulator when ordering)

Model 410 Industrial Flame Photometer (475 41 201)

It is the preferred technique for measurement of Flame Photometry, Sodium, Potassium, and Calcium in all sample types (Mineral Extraction, Petroleum Industry, Paper Industry, Pharmacy, Soil Analysis, Utilities, Food and Beverage, Chemical Production, and Fertilizers). Model 410 Industrial Flame Photometer with digital output for printer or PC connection also has Sodium linearization feature to directly allow higher concentrations of Sodium a (to 40 ppm) using single-point calibration. This facility can be opened and closed according to the operator s preference or the Sodium determination protocol. Model 410 Industrial Flame Photometer has Sodium, Potassium and Calcium specific filters and NIST traceable 1000 ppm standard concentrates for each of these analytes (6 x 100 ml).

 Model 410 Clinical Flame Photometer (475 41 301)

In clinical samples, Flame Photometry is the most sensitive and robust method for determining Sodium, Potassium, and Lithium. The Model 410 Clinical Flame Photometer is delivered in mmol / l with preset Na, K, and Li filters and a suitable multi-element calibrator. (1 x 100 ml). The clinical instrument is also equipped with a Digital Interface and Sodium linearization facility that allows calibration of clinically significant concentrations of Sodium as well as Potassium and Lithium, after proper dilution. (Sherwood s Model 805 Continuous Flow Diluent, used in conjunction with the Model 410 Clinical Flame Photometer gives dilution rates of 1: 200 and 1:50. This is designed to consistently dilute the calibrator and samples to the Flame Photometer).